750 ml

Cider – Original

Hand-Crafted Cider

At Maverick we craft our cider with careful consideration and attention to every detail. Authentic cider can only be made from freshly pressed, unadulterated apple juice.

We use specific apple varieties selected for their unique attributes and final contribution to the blend. Hand-picked from the tree, washed, crushed to a pulp and slowly squeezed with a belt press to extract the juice. The juice is gravity clarified overnight. 

From a single harvest, the Empire apples are 80% pressed into stainless steel tanks and fermented using selected wine yeasts and 20 % naturally fermented in used barrels. A portion of the barrels, previously filled with red wine, give our Blush Cider its delicate pink colour. Our Granny smith apples from the same farm but picked a month later are kept as a sweet reserve (ie: Juice) and added back to give natural sweetness to the finished ciders. The original has 20% sweet reserve and the blush has 25%. 

Finally, the cider is filtered and carbonated to add a delicate sparkle to the final product.

The hand-crafted philosophy at Maverick creates an authentic, crisp, dry cider. A pure expression of our unique corner of the world.

Pretty mousse and delicate straw yellow hue. The nose is full of green and red apples, honey and chamomile notes. Really lovely floral notes as well of wild rose and lilac followed by complex earthy notes of wild mushroom and wet stone. The palate is light and fresh up front with a nice green apple bite to it. Moves to more apple strudel note in the finish with a subtle grip that gives it some staying power.