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The Maverick Estate Winery family includes:

Winemaker and viticulturist: Bertus Albertyn

Bertus is an expert winemaker who has drawn the attention of wine critics and customers alike under multiple wine labels. The key to his success is simple: he loves wine and he loves creating wine.

“A fine wine is a sensory experience that affects you on many levels, engaging your senses and your mind,” he says. “Tasting wine is incredibly personal; making wine is even more personal. I love that, if you respect what nature provides, handle the process with attention and forethought, there is so much room to put your own stamp on what you create: art in a bottle.”

Bertus holds a B.Sc. degree in Viticulture and Enology from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. Heled the wine making teams at industrial-sized wineries and boutique estate wineries alike, and has worked alongside some of the world’s top winemakers in most of the major wine regions of the world.

In 2009, Bertus moved to Canada with the vision of building his own label. Maverick Estate Winery is the culmination of that dream.

Schalk-de-Witt1Operations Manager: Schalk de Witt

Where Bertus knows wine, father-in-law Schalk knows business. He comfortably juggles multiple hats in his Operations Manager role: business administrator, general contractor for the winery construction, tasting room host, jack-of-all trades. His favorite role, however, (“the job I’d choose every day if I had the time,” he says) is the simple one of vineyard laborer. “I have farming in my blood. The quiet; the sun on my back; the rhythm and exertion of the work, that is where I am happiest,” he says. Schalk is also a practicing family physician in Osoyoos.

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 Lynn Safroniuk and Elzaan de Witt

Maverick Estate Winery could not exist without the unflagging support of Bertus’ wife and Schalk’s daughter, Elzaan de Witt, and Schalk’s wife, Lynn Safroniuk. From design consultation to wine critiquing; from odd jobs to vineyard labour; from providing an extra pair of hands to offering an informed opinion, Elzaan and Lynn are committed Maverick Estate Winery partners.

“Winemaking for us is a way of life. It is not a job we do so we can really ‘live’ the rest of the time. This is the way we choose to live, made so much better because we are all doing it together as a family,” says Lynn.

Elzaan is a practicing family physician in Osoyoos.

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