2015 Fia


True vintage style port wine that is a co-fermented blend of Syrah and Merlot, which lends to the creation of a dark, full bodied wine with fine aromas of ripe red fruit, licorice, chocolate and white pepper. A concentrated core of dark and savory fruit with sensuous tannin and structure. Elegance and power with sensual polished texture and appealing dry spicy farewell.
WINEMAKING:  Grapes are handpicked in small 30 pound trays at 28 Brix and cooled to 10°C overnight.  Without destemming, grapes are put into 1 ton insulated bin and juice extracted by foot stomping.  Must left for 3-4 weeks to ferment in bin.  Alcohol fortification on the skins and then punched through.  Fortified must pressed and juice aged in barrel for 20 months.  Alcohol is made from distilled Maverick Estate grapes prepared by Maple Leaf Spirits in Penticton, British Columbia.  This brandy spirit is aged for 12 months in oak before it is used for fortification.

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WINEMAKER’S COMMENTS: The 2015 vintage will be remembered as one of the warmest that we have experienced to date. It will also be remembered for the forest fires that burned to our fence line, kept at bay by the overhead irrigation on our bush vine Syrah terrace. Fortunately for us the natural movement of air up and down the valley kept the smoke from settling and we had no negative influence from the fire. The season started with a historically early bud break in the first week of April. Unprecedented dry June with relentless heat till late summer encouraged rapid development and resulted in an early start to harvest. Cooler temperatures late in the summer gave the plants a chance to catch up to sugar development. It was a season where the picking date was of the utmost importance in determining the style and quality of the wine..

Winemaker:  Bertus Albertyn     Alcohol:  18%   Vintage: 2015  pH: 4.05    Composition:    Co-fermentation of  40% Syrah and 60% Merlot

  Total Acid:  4.38 Sourcing:  Golden Mile/South Okanagan /British Columbia/Canada   Bottling Date:  July 26, 2018   Aging:  100%  French Oak  Production:   270 cases        


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